A talk with… Benjamin Declercq!

Perhaps many of you know his brother Tim that ride for Deceuninck- Quick Step, but within Declercq family there’s another guy that rides at the very high level: the younger one, Benjamin Declercq! He rides for the Belgian (Flemish) Professional Continental team Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise. Continua a leggere “A talk with… Benjamin Declercq!”


National Championships’ routes 2019

As we did in the last three seasons (201620172018), I would like to try to find infos about the routes of the national championships, particular and really interesting races. I will start from the beginning of the year, with the Oceanic events in the first instance. I will update the article constantly, putting the championships in reverse chronological order. As for World Championships‘ article, I will use three editors: cronoescalada, openrunner, and ridewithgps.

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Another disappointing Tour de France for 2019

Year after year I follow (and like me a lot of other cycling fans) the construction of the route already from the presentation of the previous edition (or even before sometimes), so there is always a lot of expectation for the event, but it’s often a big disappointment, just like the race in July and the two things are linked most of the time. Before the parcours gets unveiled, I usually try to empathise with the organizers to attempt to understand how they will desing some stages. Successfully or not, I can have a view of the possibilities of the places that will be visitated by the peloton, but sometimes I’m really stunned (mostly in a bad way unfortunately) by the choices made by them. This year it happened several times, above all for the mountains, but let’s take a look at the route.


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La Course, a proposal for a stage race

Every year after the first edition in 2014, the women’s cycling peloton and fans have been vocal in their wish to see La Course become a stage race and, gradually, the second GT in the calendar after the Giro Rosa, something that is missing since the cancellation of the Grande Boucle Féminine (2010). ASO unfortunately is not hearing those requests and keeps it as a one day race, even if last year they tried a new pursuit format with the best 20 at the top of the Izoard, but it received harsh criticism and the organizers removed it (I actually don’t understand why a lot were surprised by the decision considering last year’s comments). But it would be really easy to make just a little step forward and make La Course a three-days event, to put the basis for a big stage race. And I’ll show you how it would have been possible in 2018.

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Liège – Bastogne – Liège, history and proposal

🇮🇹 Essendo questo ormai il mio terzo articolo con una proposta di percorso per la Liegi (alternativa 1alternativa 2) avrete capito che è una corsa a me cara, nonostante lo spettacolo degli ultimi anni non sia proprio dei migliori, per usare un eufemismo. Questa volta sono andato a scavare nel passato per provare a capire quali soluzioni vennero adottate, per far vedere che ci sono stati molti cambi e che non sempre quello che sembra tradizionale lo è. Andiamo quindi ad analizzare nel dettaglio i percorsi della Decana delle classiche, fin dai suoi albori, per poi risalire attraverso le novita più importanti introdotte dagli organizzatori. Ho usato gli editor di cronoescalada, ridewithgps e openrunner per tracce e profili, mentre la maggior parte delle foto viene dal fantastico archivio di @javigoros61, che vi consiglio di seguire.

🇬🇧 As this is my third article with a route proposal for Liège-Bastogne-Liège (alternative 1alternative 2) you may have understood that is a race that I like, despite the show of recent years wasn’t the best, to say the least. This time I went back in the past to try to understand what type of solutions were used, to show that there have been a lot of changes and that not everything is traditional as it could seem. So let’s analyze in detail La Doyenne’s routes, since the beginning, coming back through the most important novelties introduced by the organizers. I used cronoescalada, ridewithgps and openrunner editors for tracks and profiles, while most of the photos come from @javigoros61‘s fantastic archive, I suggest you to follow him.

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