National Championships’ routes 2019

As we did in the last three seasons (201620172018), I would like to try to find infos about the routes of the national championships, particular and really interesting races. I will start from the beginning of the year, with the Oceanic events in the first instance. I will update the article constantly, putting the championships in reverse chronological order. As for World Championships‘ article, I will use three editors: cronoescalada, openrunner, and ridewithgps.


-South Africa 08/02-10/02

ITT | interactive map

CN South Africa 2019 ITT Pretoria new

A really long and flattish ITT, great for the specialists.

Road Race | interactive circuit (x14) – final lap

CN South Africa 2019 Pretoria

The circuit will be hosted by the administrative capital of South Africa, with a short climb to Government Avenue, with a passage in front of Union Buildings. This loop will be repeated 14 times before the special final lap.

CN South Africa 2019 Pretoria final lap

In the final lap, just before the passage on the finish line, the riders will turn towards Tom Jenkins Dr, an harder climb than the one of Government Avenue. The climbers will have their chance.

-Colombia 01/02-03/02

ITT | interactive map

cn colombia 2019 itt villavicencio

Flat route in the first part, but with a 2 km climb at the end, just above Villavicencio. It’s not hard, but could be key if there will be a tight fight.

Road Race | interactive map

cn colombia 2019 villavicencio

A long flat section towards Granada will open the race before the start of the town circuit in Villavicencio, that has to be repeated 5 times. This is rolling, but not demanding, the roulers will need to attack to try to anticipate the climbers before the final ascent, the same used in the ITT. It’s better for the puncheurs than for the pure climbers with its 2 km at 7,2%.


-Australia 05/01-08/01

ITT | interactive map

Classic route, with the back and forth just below Buninyong. Rolling parcours, but perfect for the ITT specialists.

Road Race | interactive circuit (x16)

The organizers decided to keep the change they made last year, with the loop 1,5 km longer than the classic one used in the past. Mount Buninyong is still the star of the route, but the flat section could help the sprinters.

-Nuova Zelanda 04/01-06/01

ITT | interactive map

The route is constituted by a circuit that has to be repeated twice, with some small hills, but on wide roads, good for the time trialists.

Road Race | interactive mapcircuit (x8 1/2)

CN New Zealand 2019 Napier

After two laps of a big loop, the riders will go towards the final circuit, that will be repeated eight and a half times.

The loop around Napier presents two short and steep climbs, just before the the finish line. The flat section is really straightforward, so it should be good for the chasers.

Raffaele Filippetti (@raffilpt)



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